Will Rats Die During Winter?

Most of us know how challenging the winter season can be. Once you consider how unforgiving this season can be, you can easily reach a conclusion that it will be difficult for the rats to survive it. Rats are not fat and big enough to store the fats needed to live through the winter. They also do not hibernate which means that they will continuously use their energy during the cold months. Metabolic rate of rats is too fast, and their stomach is quite small. They also do not have the capacity to alter their habits and save resources.

How Do WisonsinRats Survive the Winter?
While it may be difficult to believe it, rats will be perfectly fine during winter. As someone who has years of experience in the wildlife removal business, it is very common for us to receive requests for rat removal during these months. Once the spring arrives, there will be pink little rats around your home. There are different reasons on how rats live through this season.

It is true that Green Bay rats do not have the ability to stock fats like other rodents. However, there are different ways on how they can prepare for the limited food supply on winter. From the late summer season up to the autumn, rats will be more aggressive when hunting for food. Instead of being an opportunistic feeder, they will save some food. Rats are omnivores and their natural diet covers a range of food. In fact, they can also eat the things found inside our garbage. Therefore, rats will never be out of options. They will be dragging these foods back to their stash and will access this place in the winter. They will continue with this habit all through the winter months.

Saving foods will deal with the limited food supply. However, the Green Bay rats will still need to remain warm all throughout the season. Rats are excellent diggers. They will look for a foundation or structures such as walls, or rocks and will build their den underneath this. This minimize the things that they need to do to dig burrows. The rats will not remain forever in this burrow. They will leave this place when searching for foods and looking for a better shelter. They can look for tiny holes in our house. They can use this to enter the warm areas of our home such as the attic.

If there is enough food supply and an ideal shelter, the rats can now reproduce. They will initially establish their nest. The nest of the rat is relatively similar with the bird’s nest. However, it will appear to be more disorganized and messier. Rats will basically not have the level of artistry necessary to weave twigs in a circular form. They will simply drag different materials back to their den and dump it all together. In case you notice some nesting materials on the ground, this can be a sign that you are housing a rat.

Finally, creativity plays a key role on the rat’s survival during winter. They are clever and cunning that allows them to enter our house in multiple ways.

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