What are some ways to kill a skunk in the yard?

The killing of Wisconsin skunks should not be encouraged. There are other ways to solves the skunk problem. If your choice is to kill the rodent, then here are a few effective and easy solutions for killing skunks in your yard. Skunks are quite shy but very intelligent. Skunks wont spray unless they see you as a threat as you try to approach them, this is when they will release their powerful odor.

Green Bay skunks behaviors with their feeding habits and their burrowing may end up being in conflict with people. Rodents can be a nuisance and end up burrowing under your porch or patio and find ways inside the home. Skunks will kill pet chickens and eat their eggs. They can dig in grass and wreck the lawn in search for bugs and insects.

There is a Green Bay skunk spray you can use which is simply a blend of sulphurous oils that will sting the skin and lead to blindness. They can be a danger to pet dogs or cats if these rodents take up residence in or around your property. You can deter them away by the use of bright lights in your backyard as skunks like dark places they will be deterred away from any bright lights.

If you have opted for killing the skunk, then you can always shoot it. This will however make the skunk spray which is highly not recommended. Check local laws surrounding this as shooting animals around homes in urban areas can be illegal. Sometimes there is a time frame from when you can kill.

You can try to gas the skunk inside its burrow. This should not be used in areas close to pets and people as it may cause a risk to them.

Most people are familiar with poisoning which is done by leaving poison around your home. This is not a good idea if there are young children or pets around the home. Using poison can be a loss sometimes as the skunk will go somewhere dark and quiet to die. If they have access to basements or roof canals you could have decomposing skunk body you either have to get out and dispose of or deal with the smell if you cannot access the area the skunk is in.

The best option is to trap and release the skunks to avoid any danger to people or surrounding areas.

There is the use of lethal traps while these are not classed as humane the can be used if all other options failed but only by someone who is trained to do so. This option is dangerous and you need the knowledge of the equipment you are dealing with in order for it to be effective and provide less suffering for the animal. If all options have been exhausted and failed it is time to call in the professionals who can kill the animal on site and then dispose of the body leaving you with no stress and worry about dealing with a rabies infected carcass.

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