Can squirrels Find Way to Your House Through Plumbing

People who are aware of the Green Bay squirrel activity usually believe that these tiny creatures can get way into the home through an unpredictable entry point. The chances are that they may even reach your bathroom through plumbing. Well! Finding a squirrel visiting your home through a hole or crack in the wall is still considerable, but seeing them in the toilet hole is really scary; especially when you are totally vulnerable to their attack. Many of you may think that it is not possible to see a squirrel crawling up through toilet bowls, but experts have confirmed that squirrels are capable enough to get inside human habitat through toilets. Hence, if you live in a squirrel affected area; it is important to be more careful about the presence of these creatures.

It is observed that every home has multiple interconnected pipes around that complete the plumbing system. Few of them are used for water inlet-outlet, and others work for transfer of sewer gases. Some pipes are also connected to the washing areas, showers, sink, and toilet flush as well. Many times, these pipes stay dry so long and at that time squirrels can find their way to your home by simply crawling these pipes. They can also crawl up through the plumbing pipes available below the home and can find a way to your toilet with ease.

In case if you observe Wisonsin squirrel attacks in your premises or find one entering your house through the toilet bowl, don’t get panic. squirrelher think of a potential solution to get rid of them as soon as possible. The most terrible thing to know about these squirrels is that they often get into trouble due to disease infections carried by squirrels. There is a long list of viruses and infections that squirrels can spread into human habitats making people and pets ill around. Hence, it becomes important to find some immediate solution to get rid of these creatures as soon as possible.

The moment when you see a squirrel in the toilet bowl, first of all just stay calm and keep the lid down. Now squirt some liquid dish soap into the bowl and flush it. The liquid dish soap is capable enough to break the surface tension of water in the toilet so that all harmful health issues can be avoided. In order to avoid such situations in future, prefer to cover the top portion of the vent pipe with chicken wire. Make sure you can stop the animals crawling into the pipe using this blocking technique. Also, it is important to seal all other possible entry points to your home so that you can stay safe from squirrel attack in future.

However, if nothing helps, we advise you to call a professional animal removal company and let them handle the whole issue with trusted techniques. They can help you to stay safe from squirrel attacks in the future as well with their reliable procedures.

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